About Us

Fun and Optimism


We started small.
When we bought the 100 year old hotel, Pension Gimmelwald, attached to it was the village shop
which had been closed for ten years. We wanted to reopen it,  but realized the only practical way to do this was to adopt
the idea of an ‘honesty shop’.
An idea taken from my farming days in Cornwall, where farmers often have a table of produce and a money box at their gate.
The unstaffed shop worked!



The Honesty Shop we believe became Europe’s first village honesty shop.

We sell everything from antiques to sweets to clothes. It is now a popular and quite famous attraction in Gimmelwald.
Now in its eighth year, we want to celebrate the uniquely positive atmosphere generated by the shop
and the many kind comments made on our “Honesty Envelopes” (envelopes into which customers put their
money for purchasing goods).
So we decided to launch a range of inspiring quotes on clothing to spread an optimistic message:
Honesty Shop, our online shop, was born.

Honesty Online Shop

The shop will carry the optimistic message forward and allow our many visitors to be able to shop online with us after their
visit to Gimmelwald.
We plan to continue producing fun inspiring quotes and printing them on our range of clothing.

David Waterhouse